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Businesswoman at work suffering srom sinus pain touching her nose and with both hands

ClariFix Treatment for Chronic Rhinitis

Millions of Americans suffer in silence with chronic rhinitis. One of the symptoms of chronic rhinitis is persistent nasal drainage. This, often frustrating, condition is not always treatable with medications such as drops and sprays, which are often the first indication that symptoms are chronic in nature. However, finding relief is achievable with a treatment known as ClariFix™:

  • The ClariFix Cryotherapy device goes straight to the source of the symptoms – the out-of-balance nerves.
  • Using a minimally-invasive treatment called ‘cryotherapy’, the ClariFix device interrupts the signals from these nerves to reduce your runny, stuffy nose symptoms.
  • When the cold temperature hits the out-of-balance nerves, the nerve signals are temporarily interrupted. The nerves are no longer telling the nose to drip, run and swell.

This treatment results in limited downtime for the patient, making it a convenient and effective option for sufferers of chronic rhinitis. If your quality of life is being affected by the symptoms of chronic rhinitis, let Estrella ENT provide a long lasting solution that will help you breathe easier.

Combined Treatments for Better Breathing

Chronic sinusitis is another condition that is closely associated with rhinitis. This condition causes inflammation in the lining of the sinuses, causing a poor flow of mucus into the nose. Estrella ENT can treat both conditions with options like ClariFix and balloon sinuplasty.

Contact the office of Estrella ENT today if you would like to learn more about ClariFix. We are dedicated to providing our patients with access to the best ear, nose and throat treatments available.

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